Pausing in the ‘messy middle.’*

From Jacinda (who says it better than I can):

…I have tried to reconcile this, deciding if it is worthy to pursue (or too insular), but I can’t stop thinking about it. The concept refuses to fade away and I keep taking photographs. I may post a few of them over the next week or two while I formulate the words to describe what this means.



Tarot_01 1













*the ‘messy middle’ is a concept I first read about via Nina Simon. As a total completionist, I find this idea fascinating and scary, and have been experimenting with this concept.

Super Massive Website Update (and other changes around here)

Super Massive Website Update (and other changes around here)
Cosmika performance

click the image to find out more about these sensual spacebabez.

Website updated! Website updated! Curious about what I was doing the later half of 2013? Go check it out. If there’s one lesson I can take away from 2013 it’s to either document as I go or to save up 20 episodes of This American Life for the two times a year I do update everything. (On a related note- any recommendations for a good, streaming radio program one could listen to while doing such tedius tasks as website updating, dishes doing or rug making? I’ve just about exhausted the TAL and RadioLab archives.)

You also may have noticed, if you’ve been here before, that things have changed around here as well- In an effort to simplify and clean everything up a bit, I went ahead and deleted the pages that were serving as a makeshift portfolio in years past. Looking for art? Click on the links above or go to– that’s where it’s all going to live from now on.

I’ve also changed up the header and tagline to be a bit more intentionally generic. After the few weeks of private and public existential crises, I’ve decided 2014 will be a year of experimentation here- instead of trying to figure out what this strange nook of internet is for RightNow, I’m going to give myself permission to not give a shit about what I give a shit about this year. My only goal is to write, and to write often. Both online and off, for the past six months I’ve felt the ever suffocating weight of writer’s block- in large part because the longer I wait to write anything, the more loaded and precious it feels like the next thing has to be. So forget that- good writing, bad writing, relevant and global, inward and navel gazing- nonfiction, fiction, a grey area between the two- funny writing, sad writing, absolutely vanilla writing-  reviews, how to’s and interviews- writing I’m proud of and total crapola.

And now, the semi-regular New Year’s nod to Miss O’Hara.


Postcard Collective – Winter 2012

Received this gem in my inbox two days ago:


I’ve been thinking about the exchange for a while now. Originally, I figured if I just started working on postcards before finding out if I got in or not then at worst I’d have some new work made and at best, I’d avoid the frantic marathon sessions of last time.True to form I started today. In part, because I need to have some sort of definite deadline, and in part because I was doing a lot of thinking about this run of cards in the interim. Now that there is a definite deadline looming (along with a vacation the week before everything needs to be sent), it’s time for some making.

32; Postcard Collective, Winter 2012

32; Postcard Collective - Winter 2012

Planning on doing all new watercolors again. Still thinking about the process/concept. It’s all in there, just not in coherent language yet. I’ll let you know when it’s all reshuffled.

Again I say Huzzah!

Superlatives ahoy!: Upcoming show- Thumbox

The most sure-fire way to make anything better (in my opinion) is to make it miniature. By this logic, I highly recommend Ohio Art League’s upcoming Thumbox Exhibition (because art shows = great! and tiny-art shows = greatness that defies belief).

Not only will I have work up, but my fantastic coworkers will as well. So if you like what you see (below) know that more wonderment awaits you, this Thursday, Dec 1st, from 6-9pm in OAL’s Gateway space.

First, two older drawings that haven’t left my studio before now.

'Look: Cones and Rods', thread and paper, 2010

Nesting Season, watercolor, 2010

Nesting Season (detail), watercolor, 2010

Next, ‘The Altar of Anne Tilley” made using artifacts/photos from the photo album whose pictures inspired my contribution to the postcard collective. The album itself was donated to the studio where I work by a former resident in an assisted living apartment. The album centered mainly about an aspiring singer, Anne Tilley,  had clearly been kept for years and had nowhere to go having reached our studio.

The Altar of Anne Tilley; Give Unto Me Your Frustrated Ambitions, mixed media, 2011

The Altar of Anne Tilley; Give Unto Me Your Frustrated Ambitions, mixed media, 2011

The Altar of Anne Tilley; Give Unto Me Your Frustrated Ambitions, mixed media, 2011





Postcard Collective: See all 30

Postcard Collective - Fall 2011


By the time this posts, all thirty will  be mailed and off to their destinations. You can see them all here. Huzzah.


Now to carve a pumpkin (not too late, right?) reconnect with all the friends I’ve missed and clean the house.



OH and carry on with the in progress performance pieces (next one coming soon to a public space near you…)

A wholy frivolous post just to say

It’s done! All postcards done, written, addressed. And early!*

Photographs to come tomorrow, cards to be send soon after.

Ooo! Oo! And to make this a truly frivolous post:


fro no mo.


*If two days can count as early.**
**it totally can.

New Job – New work – New weekend

To preserve my sanity, I took a hiatus from studio work during Real Week 1 of new job.

Having made it through week 1 to the first real weekend (as in, two days off, Sat AND Sun, without having requested them weeks in advance), the past two days’ve been spent reading, reading, running and painting (and probably more reading)

Due to funds (gap in payschedules from old job to new), the next Big Thing is on hold. Instead, I reacquainted myself with watercolors. Started with some new warmups (the new ones are black, blue and yellow, towards the bottom).


total warmups as of 8/21

Having done roughly 30 or so, I’m starting to see some new trends/patterns. I’d like to try to push this idea-  I have a few symbols I use consciously, but adding to them expands my vocabulary of shapes, letting me make more work that’s meaningful/personal, without being too confessional. Like below.

holding one's own, watercolor, 2011