Sharing the Love: People and things I love that you should probably love too.

People I Undeservedly Get to Know For Real

Yay Sockpuppet!– featuring the art of a talented lady who makes me almost pee my pants on a daily basis.
Cody Heichel – also known as the ‘watercolor master’ at Open Door. Seriously, this guy rocks.
Open Door Art Studio – this is where I spend 40+ hours of my week. These are the people I see regularly. And it’s my job. This fact alone is beautiful.
you are awesome ^_^ – ‘a collection of neatness brought to you by Kifer’. If you like any of the following: puppies, beautiful things, art, math, science, SCIENCE, other cute animals, human rights, unexpected things- then you will enjoy it.
While You Wait for the Bread to Bake – My friend Laura’s blog- regularly updated with awesome art, photography, style, CAT PHOTOS! basically, if this chick lived in Columbus I would bother her to hang out all the time.
Thanks and Sorry – photos by Amelia Morris. Although I didn’t talk to Amelia much when we were both at school, her work is some I’ve always admired.
Sarah LaBarge – another classmate of whom I was in awe, with whom I was way too shy when we were in classes together. Brilliant writer, brilliant artist. Thank goodness for the internet to bridge geological gaps (and social ineptitude)
Jacinda Russell and Hannah Barnes – have you ever had a professor that taught you a lot, not just in school, but through their own artmaking and who had great taste in books and who made you think “man, I wish we were friends.”? I was disgustingly lucky enough to have two of them.
Art Club – Want three mind-blowing artist brains for the price of one artist-collective? Win. Until you have pie-eating contests at your show opening, you’re probably not as cool as Art Club.
Kenay Kash – making art more fun and potentially uncomfortable on the regular. I was a huge admirer of Kenay’s work before I even knew it was his.
Museum 2.0 – Have you joined the Nina Simon fanclub yet? (Even though we’ve only had two exchanges- one at a question/answer session after a talk she gave and one via email re: how to draw in museum visitors, I still count this as knowing. Mostly because I want to.)

[insert here all the lovely people who don’t have websites but who still make my life awesome. Awesome.]

People I’ve Never Met, But Who Appear Most Frequently in my Internet Browser
Smitten Kitchen
I Like This Art
Jealous Curator
Garment House
You Grow Girl
Hyperbole and a Half

Confessions from an Authorized Museum Lurker

Confessions from an Authorized Museum Lurker

About a month ago, I mentioned my transformation from intern to sometimes paid Authorized Museum Lurker. Since then, I’ve  slept almost thirty times, signed a new lease, started about two more projects, finished (or started finishing) three other projects, spent a week filling in for Chris in Adventure Out,* started training for a marathon- Oh yeah, and I forgot, got another job. Emily, the Wonder Room Facilitator has moved to take advantage of what sounds like an awesome opportunity, and as a result, I am now the Wonder Room Facilitator, adding two more days to my (paid!?) Authorized Lurking.

(dramatization. Real uniform does not include magic bracelets or hotpants. Lasso of Truth coming soon though.)

Speaking of business, the CMA and Wonder- Got to help with the early childhooh educator’s conference, The Wonder of Learning. Wow. I just- …yeah. The Italians speaking Italian! Sean being brilliant! Mama Suz’s fortune telling tent!
I’m still processing the day. If you, like I, had never really heard of Reggio Emelia, read this for a brief overview. I’ll save you from all my notes (read:gushing) that I took. Unless you’re really interested, in which case, let me know. We can get together and freak out over statements like “communicative dynamic between the (pre)school and the city” and “Everyday experience-> intimate explorations of everyday, quiet wonder”!
I’ll make tea.

And while I’m on it, about a month ago I wrote a post about hearing Nina Simon speak. I ended up trashing it as it was mostly just me waving my arms and fangirling out about how much I love her (and you will understand once you check her blog. You will.). But last week she called the CMA a “world class museum.