A modest proposal.


For generations, History, and her champions the Historians have been concerned primarily with truth- namely, with the task of finding the one Truth behind the events of Civilization and in doing so, dispel any lingering Untruths. We the members of the North American Pseudohistorical Society believe such endeavors to be, not only dull and tedious, but erroneous in thought. We believe most concretely that no such One Truth exists, but rather, that there exist multiple Truths, each no more valid a truth than the next.

Our mission, instead, is to find and celebrate multiple truths, and even untruths, if the story’s better. As humans, we live and breathe outside of the Text, and so, as pseudohistorians, aim for our work to live and breathe in a variety of media and methods. We strive to rigorously study, trusting the words of our hero, Herodotus; “Very few things happen at the right time, and the rest do not happen at all: the conscientious historian will correct these defects.’


To this end, we have undertaken several small-scale endeavors. At times, these endeavors seek to mine deeply a narrow focus, as with our temporary institution, the Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum (Which, it is worth noting, we were able to expand last summer with a new, permanent collection wing, along with several workshop sessions with the distinguished Will Foster. The later of which resulted in a fine collection of speleographic paragenetic studies of the area’s flora, fauna and hand washing stations.) Other times, we may sacrifice depth to cast our probational nets wide, as we did this past fall with the Center for Lacunal Inquiry. During this time, we shifted our focus from one particular place to nonplaces, exploring the various lacunae throughout the Columbus Museum of Art. Other past enterprises have included a wide range of subjects, including the surveyor cum prophet, P.T. Simmondinger, the ancient Earthworks of Newark Ohio, and the growing field of numerological historiography.


Having grown exponentially over the past year, we, the North American Pseudohistorical Society, respectfully propose a new study, bigger in scope and influence that previously attempted. Over the next year, we hope to explore the infinities of the finite, the terminal, in short, the ENDs that (cease to) exist around us. This proposed study and resulting exhibition would lean heavily, as always, on the help of volunteer research assistants, and drawfrom several sources with varying degrees of reliability, including public record, personal journals, historical websites and pure conjecture.

Live blogging the Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum

Live blogging the Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum













The Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum’s extended hours were a huge success! Over the course of seven hours, our new wing was filled with amazing new artifacts. Our associate, Will Foster, presented a series of engaging and informative workshops, we diversified our audience (with both human and non-human visitors) and continued to further our mission of engaging visitors directly with the environment.

A huge thank-you to all who supported the museum- though we’ve once again closed our doors, the memory will continue to live on.

A full photographic account will be available soon, however in the mean time, please enjoy this selection of images that were taken and published (via instagram) during the museum’s brief life.

Attn People With Skillz!

Attn People With Skillz!
Click above to see the collection thus far

Click above to see the collection thus far

We at the Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum are committed to the ideas of sharing knowledge, inspiring curiosity and celebrating that which makes Northam Park, and its residents, unique. To this end we are offering a series of visitor driven workshops, free and open to the public, both to attend and to lead.

Do you have knowledge that you’d like to share? A skill that can be taught in 15 minutes or less? Would you like 15 minutes of Grandview’s attention? Maybe you just need a line on your resumé? If any or all or some combination of these is true, then this is your chance! Email crlynch2@gmail.com or fill out the form below to sign up to lead a workshop at the Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum. (Please note, all workshop leaders will be required to furnish their own equipment. At this time the Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum does not have electircal access.)
The 2013 workshop schedule is as follows:
September 2nd, 2013
10:30a – 10:45a
11:30a – 11:45a12:30p – 12:45p
1:30p – 1:45p
2:30p – 2:45p
3:30p – 3:45p
4:30p – 4:45p



I look forward to working with all of you!


Cat Lynch
Director, the Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum

the Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum is brought to you in part by the North American Pseudohistorical Society

Pareidolia – Opening TONIGHT! 5p-8p @ Gordy Fine Art and Framing!

Pareidolia – Opening TONIGHT! 5p-8p @ Gordy Fine Art and Framing!

What are you doing tonight?

If your answer is anything other than ‘Checking out the awesome artwork Muncie has to offer at its First Thursday event, including Drawing Practice + Pareidolia at Gordy Fine Art and Framing‘ you are sorely mistaken.

A preview:



Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon of finding significance in random visual stimuli. The most common examples of this are finding images in clouds, seeing faces in kitchen appliances and Rorschach ink blots. As humans, we want to find meaning in the seemingly random chaos that surrounds us. It’s why we study history, it’s why we feel cheated when fictional stories ‘don’t make sense’- we want to believe there are rules and, by extension, that by playing by these rules we can take control of what is ultimately uncontrollable- namely the Universe.
See you tonight!



Upcoming Show! – Pareidolia @ Gordy Fine Art and Framing, 4/4/13

Upcoming Show! – Pareidolia @ Gordy Fine Art and Framing, 4/4/13

Next Thursday, Pareidolia opens in Gordy Fine Art and Framing’s “Nook” space! The show will feature seven small, mixed media drawings and will be held in conjunction with Drawing Practice. Not only are these pieces on special loan from the archives of the North American Pseudohistorical Society – not only are they also so brand new they’ve yet to be photographed- NOT ONLY will I be there in (sweaty)person to offer special insight into the weird world of Numerological Historiographs-  But the main event will feature work from BSU Drawing Professors and was curated by a Mr. Scott Anderson. Basically, coming to this show to see my work will be like going to see your friend’s community theater performance of Pirates of Penzance , y’know, because you’re an awesome person and  your community theater always puts on a decent show AND you happen to have a soft spot for Gilbert and Sullivan, when suddenly, at the end of act one Frank Zappa is lowered on a wire amidst glitter cannons to perform a new and particularly obscene version of “A Modern Major General.”
It’s going to be that epic.

“With many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse.”

Also there will be snacks!

The opening reception will be Thursday, April 4 from 5pm to 8pm, and the show will run all through the month of April.


P.T. Simmondinger – available online!

P.T. Simmondinger – available online!

Maybe you heard about last Tuesday’s lecture, Phillip Toland Simmondinger; the man the myth and the private literature thereof but didn’t make it-

Maybe this was because you live somewhat or very far away?

Maybe this was because you were unsure of what it was and decided, after a series of related misfortunes involving those who are not as they appear, to play it safe?

Maybe this was because you had finally worked up the nerve to ask out that librarian you’ve been thinking about ever since your eyes met in the reference section and the only night you both had free was last Tuesday and you suddenly felt that it had to be now or never?

Or maybe you planned to go up until the last minute when a small, fixable but grating emergency happened for which only you had a solution and by the time you were done setting things right you were tired and cross and you decided to just go home instead?

Maybe now you’re filled with regret that you missed it- Maybe this is even interfering with your daily life and relationships?

Thanks to technology, you can now view the the lecture, in its entirety and in the comfort of your own home, here:

Click the image for an educational and artistic experience!

Click the image for an educational and artistic experience!