Laura Hruska, don’t read this post (but do check your mailbox)

After a disgracefully long interim I’ve finally finished my next installment for Laura’s Collaboration Correspondance Campaign, in response to Laura’s last card:


Laura’s cards are always just a little bit off, size-wise, which I love. I feel like my last card was way too limited to Official Postcard Size and Format, so decided to try and do something different.

The subject itself is a painful looking burn a coworker got from a hot pan at work (Thanks Lauren!), which she graciously let me photograph and paint.
You can see detail photos of each stage under Collaborations.

What have I been doing other than painting scabs that could’ve kept me away from the slew of loyal readers*?

-Was offered position of Artful Adventures Coordinator (!!). Confirming tours, setting up stations, training other staff/interns, and generally doing all the paper-work-y stuff so Jen can really focus on the tours. Only three hours paid at most, BUT great resume line and foot in door. (AND I secretly love managing/ organizing  everything.) This also means facing two of my greatest fears (high expectations and talking on the phone).

-Also putting in hours at Paneradise to pay for upcoming Roadtrip of Whiskey and Wonder with J and B.

-Alsoalso, working on THIS for Boyfriend, whose birthday was this past weekend. (more details under Story)

Sometimes I use my power for good. Sometimes I don't.

-And it’s spring. It’s been warm (mostly) and ¬†I’ve even seen green things. All responsibility hereby abdicated in favor of frolicking.

*All two of them.