gallery schmallery.

gallery schmallery.


I got rejected from another season at a local art gallery. This probably sounds like the beginning of a whiny rant, but really? I have completely mixed feelings bordering on downright positive.

First of all, the gallery in question is nothing but awesome, AND uses outside artists to judge the entries (so nothing but love for the folks that run it). One of those artists, this year, was none other than Ann Hamilton- meaning, Ann Hamilton has now seen my name and my work. Win! Who cares if there wasn’t a majority vote in it’s favor, I have now shown my work to an artist who’s not only been on PBS (NERDHOLLYWOOD), but whose work I greatly admire. That’s awesome.

But also, I’ve been having lots of mixed feelings about the gallery scene, and my involvement in it (or lack thereof) in general. This is nothing against artists who show their work in galleries- I’m lucky enough to know several amazing artist friends who actively make and show their work all over Columbus and beyond. I respect not just their work, but the drive they have to put themselves out there and make the system work for them- I just don’t know if it’s for me. I love making art, I love giving art as gifts, and I love trading art, whether it’s for more art or for other useful/delicious things (best art trade to date? small installation for a jar of homemade maple syrup.)- but when it comes to assigning a monetary value to it and putting it up for ‘the Art World’ to see, I have feelings that are accurately described as ambivalent.¬† This isn’t to say that showing work and selling work doesn’t feel good- of course it does. It’s like getting a high score on the SATs after studying for years. But, what do you do when you start to question, not just the score, but the whole system of standardized testing?

The whole thing gets even stickier when what you want to do can’t be sold. Galleries are businesses, so of course they want to put their energy into promoting artists who will help their businesses through sales…so where does this leave artists like myself who sometimes make things, but who feel just as strongly about making spaces or experiences? How do we, as artists, measure success if not through work sold and shows accumulated?

How do you feel? Do you try to show work in galleries? If not, do you still make things? Or, if you don’t make things, how do you get your work out there, how do you push your work to evolve?

Live blogging the Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum

Live blogging the Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum













The Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum’s extended hours were a huge success! Over the course of seven hours, our new wing was filled with amazing new artifacts. Our associate, Will Foster, presented a series of engaging and informative workshops, we diversified our audience (with both human and non-human visitors) and continued to further our mission of engaging visitors directly with the environment.

A huge thank-you to all who supported the museum- though we’ve once again closed our doors, the memory will continue to live on.

A full photographic account will be available soon, however in the mean time, please enjoy this selection of images that were taken and published (via instagram) during the museum’s brief life.

Attn People With Skillz!

Attn People With Skillz!
Click above to see the collection thus far

Click above to see the collection thus far

We at the Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum are committed to the ideas of sharing knowledge, inspiring curiosity and celebrating that which makes Northam Park, and its residents, unique. To this end we are offering a series of visitor driven workshops, free and open to the public, both to attend and to lead.

Do you have knowledge that you’d like to share? A skill that can be taught in 15 minutes or less? Would you like 15 minutes of Grandview’s attention? Maybe you just need a line on your resum√©? If any or all or some combination of these is true, then this is your chance! Email or fill out the form below to sign up to lead a workshop at the Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum. (Please note, all workshop leaders will be required to furnish their own equipment. At this time the Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum does not have electircal access.)
The 2013 workshop schedule is as follows:
September 2nd, 2013
10:30a – 10:45a
11:30a – 11:45a12:30p – 12:45p
1:30p – 1:45p
2:30p – 2:45p
3:30p – 3:45p
4:30p – 4:45p



I look forward to working with all of you!


Cat Lynch
Director, the Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum

the Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum is brought to you in part by the North American Pseudohistorical Society

P.T. Simmondinger – available online!

P.T. Simmondinger – available online!

Maybe you heard about last Tuesday’s lecture, Phillip Toland Simmondinger; the man the myth and the private literature thereof but didn’t make it-

Maybe this was because you live somewhat or very far away?

Maybe this was because you were unsure of what it was and decided, after a series of related misfortunes involving those who are not as they appear, to play it safe?

Maybe this was because you had finally worked up the nerve to ask out that librarian you’ve been thinking about ever since your eyes met in the reference section and the only night you both had free was last Tuesday and you suddenly felt that it had to be now or never?

Or maybe you planned to go up until the last minute when a small, fixable but grating emergency happened for which only you had a solution and by the time you were done setting things right you were tired and cross and you decided to just go home instead?

Maybe now you’re filled with regret that you missed it- Maybe this is even interfering with your daily life and relationships?

Thanks to technology, you can now view the the lecture, in its entirety and in the comfort of your own home, here:

Click the image for an educational and artistic experience!

Click the image for an educational and artistic experience!

Tomorrow: An Artistic and Educational Lecture @ CMPL

Tomorrow: An Artistic and Educational Lecture @ CMPL

fabulist lecture_1_poster

Equal parts history, art and creative story-telling.

See here for more information regarding the Order of the Fabulists.