Call for Entries: Postcard Collective

Call for Entries: Postcard Collective
Cat Lynch 2012

hooray summer!


Ahoy! It’s time for another Postcard Collective Exchange! The deadline to apply is June 22nd, and the instructions are all on the website.I’ll be sitting this one out, due to an abundance of commitments already this summer, including my own correspondence art endeavors, however I highly recommend it to anyone else. Not only is it a fun challenge, but in the end you get thirty pieces of tiny, awesome art from all over. Check out the Collective’s archive for a look at past exchanges, and check out Laura‘s blog for a look at the most recent exchange (she’s way more on top of things than I am)

Postcard Collective – Spring 2012


It’s done! It’s finally done! All* postcards have been finished, addressed, scanned, and sent! (And there was much rejoicing!)

Because I didn’t think to scan them before addressing them, and because I am the world’s. Slowest. Photoshop. User. It took about a thousand years (read: a week) to splice the fronts and backs together and erase the addresses. But it’s done!

Regular posting to resume again shortly.


Cat Lynch

Cat Lynch, Spring 2012 Postcard Collective, watercolor

*Almost all- When I first scanned the cards I had thirty files. An email, two computers, and some photoshop dickery later, I had twenty eight files…? Someday soon, after my eyes uncross I’ll hunt down and post the rest.