Ramblings and Goings-on – the art of omphaloskepsis

The past week or so has made me feel really proud to live where I do.

Last weekend I went to the DewDropper’s Sweetheart Dance. If you’ve never heard the Dew Droppers, or danced for hours in an empty warehouse with a crowd of friends and strangers and paper hearts in the middle of winter, I highly recommend it. The only cloud over the whole night is the fact that apparently, there were delicious treats mere feet from where I was dancing that escaped my notice. C’est la vie.

This weekend I went to Columbus Museum of Art’s Game Show 4. * If you’ve never been to a Game Show before, I’m not sure I can do the event justice with mere words- Imagine combining creativity challenges (fought for real prizes) with slightly inebriated adults and lots of sequins, all set to the tune of 70’s game show theme music. And I won’t even try to describe the magic that is Susie Starliner:

In all seriousness, though, it was really awesome to see two, really great, big and complicated creative endeavors pulled off so successfully and to see so many (and so many different types) of people enjoying them so thoroughly.
Totally warmed my geeky heart.

AND- this week I’m going to this and this. And you should too.
(Especially Project Pivot’s Out on a Limb. I’ve been told it was originally conceptualized as an ‘awkwardness carnival.’ And if there’s one thing that I’m all about it’s awkward.)



*I donated a prize – a pinhole photography session/workshop. I’m not sure if the winner of said prize was too thrilled about it, but I’ve decided that even if not, I’m going to hold the session/workshop anyway. I’ll keep you posted on where/when that happens in case anyone else is interested.

im in ur museumz talkin to ur kidz.

Recently, at the gracious invitation of Jen G, I got to go to CMA  to talk to Project Pivot; the coolest group of teens I’ve met (and so stylish! Maybe it’s because I’m from Indiana, and the 90’s but these kids looked awesome.) This was also the first time since college that anyone asked me to think about my artistic practice and turn it into something serious and coherent (which was eye-opening). The group’s working on social practice within art, something in which I have a large interest.

After a brief talk about how I became ‘a painter who doesn’t,’ they helped to create the Third public performance of what is now known as ‘The Letterbox Project.” (if you were near Broad Street around 2pm you might’ve seen it.) They. Were. Awesome.At one point I asked “What do you guys think it takes to become an artist?” Had you asked me that five years ago I probably would’ve said “Uh, graduate from art school? Go to grad school? Have someone buy my things?” These guys responded with answers like “passion.” “risk-taking” “keep working on your skills.” Rock. I can’t wait to hear what they decide to do for their project.

Big screen!

Thanks Prezi.com, for making me seem tech savy to a group of Gen Z'ers!

An impromptu, DRAMATIC reading of Laura's drawing. You go!

Also got to hear Kenay Kash speak, which was mind-blowing. I’ve known Kenay for a while through our mutual involvement with CMA, but I had no idea he designed the Metal Head connector in the Wonder Room. Or that he was a complete artistic badass. Be sure to check out his other site, too- Puntitler.