Rest dayz.

Rest dayz.

Any long distance runner will tell you that when preparing for a race, even more important than building mileage, even more important than pace runs and fartleks*, are rest days. For most athletes, this seems counter intuitive, but without taking a day to REALLY rest- your body and your brain get tired. This isn’t just a personal belief, it’s SCIENCE.

My running practice and art practice have always been intertwined for me, in part because my brain runs on kinetic energy and in part because both activities require/inspire the same feelings of endurance, quiet and the stubborn belief that what you’re doing is not crazy. So, after an amazingly intense mid-week trip to Muncie for the opening of Pareidolia, followed by an incredibly full and PACKED opening for Open Door’s first show of the season, This Inspired That, I declared Sunday an official Rest Day. Dirt was dug in, cupcakes were baked, walks were taken and Buffy was watched. I’d show you guys some pictures but I couldn’t be arsed to pick up a camera.

In case you missed either or both of the openings, here’s evidence that they happened and were AWESOME.

Yours truly smiling awkwardly. Just about managed to sneak away without any photos but Genny caught me on the way out.

Yours truly smiling awkwardly. Just about managed to sneak away without any photos but Genny caught me on the way out.


Click the image above to see the rest of the work

And keep your eyes on the Open Door Facebook page for pictures from This Inspired That.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s reading to be done and cats to be held.

*yeah. it’s a real word. And is almost as much fun to do as to say.

Mile 10

Mile 10

There are many spaces in my heart reserved for things usually unloved- mornings, grey-wet-cold weather, vegetables, ugly animals…
Somewhere amid the confetti of affection that makes me an obnoxious person to live and/or work with is a love for pointless tests of endurance with myself. “Can I bike when it’s raining? What about snowing?” “How many days can I go without a shower?” “Can I edit all of these photos before I get up to go pee?”
This thought pattern has led me to my love of long distance running. I’m not competitive, and I’m certainly not fast*- I don’t keep stats and my PR is “finishing.” I get the biggest high from telling myself “I am running X miles today,” feeling like I can’t possibly run X miles, and then the giddy, finish-line feeling that comes later that day when I have indeed run X miles and survived.

Maybe this is why I felt the need to take on as much as I have- two new pieces for two different shows, a workshop, 30 postcards and a large installation all happening during October/November. There have been a few times over the past couple of weeks where the thought “I can’t possibly do X number of things!” passed through my brain…and noisily through my mouth. While I’m not done yet, things are finally to a point where I have time and space to breathe a bit, be a better human, and play the odd game of Rivals of Catan (All important things) AND it will all be finished, for better or worse, just in time for my personal favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

So I thought it was time, not to whine about being busy, but to thank all the lovely people in my life who’ve allowed me to be so busy. I can’t name everyone (because I’m too busy har har), but you know who you are- thankyou to friends and family who listened to me whine and responded with love and encouragement; thankyou to coworkers who let me talk to myself without interrupting; thankyou to Boyfriend who said not one word about the messy house, the takeout dinners on my nights to cook, the lack of presence; thankyou to anyone who tried to make social plans with me only to get a “yes!…No…Maybe?…let me check? If this meeting gets cancelled, then definitely?”; thankyou to the Walgreens guy who gave me a discount on old film; thankyou to all the venues and organizations that gave me a chance to make and share art; to the two intrepid workshoppers (photos coming soon!) who made me feel like all my efforts were not in vain; to Tension Tamer Tea for living up to the promises of its name; to you guys who read this blog-

Now on to the final stretch.


*(2:30 half marathon what what?)
**Being a runner is like being an artist. There’s no Official Certification, or test or governing board that decides who Is or Isn’t- being an runner (and being an artist) is a matter of setting your own boundaries for the term and then meeting them.

a photo representation of the week thus far and a likely prediction for the next two days as inspired by Sacha Goldberger

Intense orientation + peak of marathon training =


Completely 100% inspired by Sacha Goldberger’s ‘Joggers- Before and After’ series*


*and done comletely 100% for fun.