validation in the form of repetition

After a month of Darger-esque life, with APCMAB days and hermit-like nights, I’m doing art things!

(I mean other than watching Art21 by myself and reading about William Wegman outloud to my cat)

Not getting paid a damn thing and loving it entirely. Last week I was accepted into and started the Wexner Center’s docent training program, which combines my love of arts and community education and also getting to the Wex for free on a weekly basis.

And this week I started working as a studio assistant for Columbus artist Sean Foley. This evening I repetitively sanded the edges of plastic squares for two hours and, and I say this with absolutely no irony, loved. it. I’ve missed this strange little world.

Itcha Fingas.

I’ve spent most of the summer seeing artstuff, organizing artstuff, thinking about artstuff, defending my reasons for getting a degree in artstuff, documenting artstuff, showing artstuff, trying to find a job to support the making of future artstuff, cleaning artstuff in preparation for the (rapidly approaching) move.

I’m ready to make some artstuff.

Finally got shots from my sr show cleaned up and uploaded. Things are wrapping up, but instead of getting easier to focus, my brain keeps flying off in a million and one directions. (see open letter below)

Almost done with (this installment) of the Goodwill Project. Finishing the third box this/next week and getting slides next week. I’ve had some new ideas about how I might display this in a gallery (or in a not-gallery).

Also, working on a supersecret drawing project to commemorate this last summer in Muncie to begin May 1st….

ps, Have you met my friend Eva Hesse?

‘Russia should be go by now.’

In the library and the gentleman working at the computer across from me is playing a computer game.

I hope.

Because if not, we have been taken, and it’s not long before the Russians fall as well.

Though a part of me also hopes that while the rest of us spend our evening with outlines and projects and facebook and tests, close by is some one really doing something.

an open letter.

Dear brain,

Up until now, we here at Cat Lynch have been very pleased with your performance. That being said, however, lately we’ve noticed a distinct lack of focus and blatant, blithe denial of  academic responsibilities.

I write this, not as a warning but as a reminder. The thesis show may be up, but there remain three weeks in this last semester (three weeks, I might add, for you to finish all those tasks which have been put off in favor of aforementioned show). I know it may seem that we have no leverage, as we cannot fire you, without causing sever distress to our organization, but we have ways of reducing your diet to Jane Austen and reality tv shows. And we mean it.

Thank you for your time


Senior Thesis Show (no, seriously.)

AND almost done with the pieces themselves. (which means over a month of lovely free studio space to play in). Install on the 11th, opening the 15th.

Mucho Gusto to my friend B for the postcard design (she also does freelance work if you’re interested).