things seen and not heard.

New stuff!

Just finished a few illustrations for a story in Miami University’s literary magazine, Things Heard and Not Seen by Eileen Bordy (gig thanks to my friend Kasey). Unpaid, but a nice bit of exposure and validation. The story itself is full of some great grotesque descriptions, and anxiety.

Work over at Sean’s is on a bit of hiatus, as Sean and Katie spend a few weeks at MassMOCA installing ‘Ruse’. (you can read about it, as well as see some installation photos over on MassMOCA’s blog here). Unfortunately, due to the complications of work,adulthood, rent-paying and an impending family vacation (which I am quite looking forward to) I was unable to go. Qué será. You can’t stay away forever Mr. LeWitt.

Speaking of impending vacation, been trying to get as much done before leaving, putting together some proposals, taking a page from my man Morandi, and working on a monster-image-heavy post to make up for two solid text blocks of self-serving whinging.

turnip study, watercolor.

“Pay For Soup/Build A Fort/Set That On Fire”

Fort is done!*

And everyone lived. And there is to be much merriment in the near future.
But first! Picture blast of the last week or so plus a few of the finished piece.

cubes waiting to be painted. Most notably in this picture, though are the lovely, lovely corner clamps that allowed these to come together in minutes

My first day in the museum, and the first time seeing the big structures. (and an Alvin!)

Sean, mapping out the wall painting

first layer on the wall painting and arch

Sean and Katie adding the final touches to the striping on the wall, plus the arch side that became my focus

Wall painting done. And beautiful (as seen from child-height. All projected patterns were done from low to the ground)

The arch done (fairly.)

Coming together! This was the last view I had before I had to leave for the weekend for birthday festivities in IN.

Speaking of birthday things, check out the sweet early b-day present from my parents- my own drill! (the hole saw's not mine, but looks hilarious on the end of my tiny 12v drill.)

<–and as a bonus, from the people who brought you such riveting cinema as ‘Paint drying on a wall!” and “Waiting for my cat to do that cute thing he never does when other people are around!” it’s…..The exciting flush-trim router bit!!

Pulled together for the preview! Check out the beautiful textiles Emily made and the frankentree, thanks to Zephyr. (photo courtesy of Sean Foley)

By the way, the orange glow you see is solely from the fluorescent paint under each lip. Thanks to the fumes, I'm pretty sure I've lost Math, but it was totally worth it.

Working on the project let me meet some awesome people, learn an INSANE amount of stuff and I can’t wait for the next project. Onwards and upwards Wonder Factory!



*tentatively. Still some final touch ups. The public opening is Jan 1st.

Don’t point that gun at him, he’s an unpaid intern.

Things are getting crazy over at Sean’s studio (where I’m an assistant) as the deadline cometh.

the best analogy to the 'Fort' project made so far.

Here’s just a sample of some of the hijinks (forgive the quality, I’ve been using my phone);

Gluing thin birch plywood in the large 'egg rocker' aka the bastard.

The next section. With a few clamps.

after much sweating and swearing, almost done!

The medium egg rocker, lined by yours truly.

The 'tetris' blocks, or, That Which Made Me Fall In Love With the Round-over Router Bit.

a few of the bits, including the whole egg family, on the new lovely assembly table. No more building on the floor-huzzah!


So yeah. That’s why there’s been a significant decrease in posts about my cat, or Columbusian adventures. (although George is still doing adorable-cat things and The Wexner Center has a new exhibition and it’s Terry Gilliam month over at Gateway and if you get a chance to do either or both you should do it the end.)



validation in the form of repetition

After a month of Darger-esque life, with APCMAB days and hermit-like nights, I’m doing art things!

(I mean other than watching Art21 by myself and reading about William Wegman outloud to my cat)

Not getting paid a damn thing and loving it entirely. Last week I was accepted into and started the Wexner Center’s docent training program, which combines my love of arts and community education and also getting to the Wex for free on a weekly basis.

And this week I started working as a studio assistant for Columbus artist Sean Foley. This evening I repetitively sanded the edges of plastic squares for two hours and, and I say this with absolutely no irony, loved. it. I’ve missed this strange little world.