sorting materials and ideas

…as both start to slowly coalesce around a central gravity.
(When I told this to C he said I’ve been watching too much Cosmos. I’ve only seen three episodes, but as this conversation came on the heels of a dream that involved trying to watch Cosmos on the old set in Neil Degrasse Tyson’s seaside vacation home, it’s possible I’ve been watching Cosmos too intently .)





Apple Bottom Sketches.

Went with Ash this Friday to hear the Apple Bottom Gang play at the Shrunken Head. It was my first experience with the band and the bar and I heartily recommend both (there was a pie raffle- a pie raffle!)

Took the chance to participate in my favorite bar activity- sketches.



Fat Tire, Locals, Smoke and Mirrors.

Last night, faced with an evening with no plans, my roommate and I decided to take our sketchbooks to the Heorot for a few pints and people watching.

For those of you not from Funcie, The Heorot is a pub downtown that is not only named after the meadhall in Beowulf, but also

a world of dreams and beer awaits...

looks the part. Dark, smoky, a fireplace, big timbers, a dragon animal skulls on the walls, bookshelves lined with scifi classics, and the best beer selection in town. It is a dream.

And like most Muncie bars on a Friday night, full of interesting characters (check out the mohawk rattail combo). After spending the whole semester working more sculpturally and conceptually, it was nice to have the time to just sit and breathe and draw.

A grand, grand evening indeed.