New Work- Blood Guts and Needlepoint.

ready to be sealed and sent

New things up under ‘Guts.’

Oh, also, now there’s a section called Guts! As well as a much cleaner Work section. (if only my real work area were so organized. And free of cat hair).

Also finally started (as in took more action than just thinking and doodling) a drawing/performance/painting…thing…that’s been swirling around my brain since the beginning of summer. I won’t go into details yet, other than to say it involves five other artists, the idea of drawing as a blueprint for action and the US postal service.

Other than mail and stichery, my days have been filled mostly with work, running, reading a long-awaited book and systematically devouring the Grandview Public Library’s dvd collection (no cable + lots of time spent sewing = finally catching up on my ‘to-watch’ list).

Lots of exciting things on the horizon though. The fella moves tuesday and friday I start training as a docent for the Wex. Oh and it’s (almost) officially fall.

And I have squash.