Don’t point that gun at him, he’s an unpaid intern.

Things are getting crazy over at Sean’s studio (where I’m an assistant) as the deadline cometh.

the best analogy to the 'Fort' project made so far.

Here’s just a sample of some of the hijinks (forgive the quality, I’ve been using my phone);

Gluing thin birch plywood in the large 'egg rocker' aka the bastard.

The next section. With a few clamps.

after much sweating and swearing, almost done!

The medium egg rocker, lined by yours truly.

The 'tetris' blocks, or, That Which Made Me Fall In Love With the Round-over Router Bit.

a few of the bits, including the whole egg family, on the new lovely assembly table. No more building on the floor-huzzah!


So yeah. That’s why there’s been a significant decrease in posts about my cat, or Columbusian adventures. (although George is still doing adorable-cat things and The Wexner Center has a new exhibition and it’s Terry Gilliam month over at Gateway and if you get a chance to do either or both you should do it the end.)