tarot_pentacles 10

“Cat, how’s that tarot cart project going?”

What tarot card project?

“You know, the one where you’re using the tarot deck to research archetypes, assemble a vocabulary of personal symbols, challenge your collage skillz, etc?”

Oh, that tarot card project. It’s going well.

Solving the unknown.

As mentioned in the last post, I’m taking a hiatus on all projects requiring more supplies or action beyond the studio. This is just to let myself catch my breath and gain some footing at the New Job (which, unless you want to listen to me gush for an hour or two, don’t ask about. Because omgiloveit.)

Doing so has been surprisingly beneficial. Not only for my brain (and wallet) but for my work as well. Been pushed back into exploring just watercolor and narrative. (“think narrow and deep”) The result:

solving the unknown, watercolor 2011

At least three more to come in this vein as well.