The Goodwill Show – Success!

The Goodwill Show – Success!

Was able to successfully sneak all three pieces plus labels into the store without attracting any undue attention to myself. Also got to see two of my best friends, Kifer and  J, the awesome Hannah Barnes, and spend some quality time with my parents.

Even with the labels and the artist’s statement nearby, it was interesting to see how much they blended in to the rest of the knick-knackery. Also interesting was how differently I saw the store. I’ve been in Goodwill’s since the last phase of the project, but not with ART in mind. Further plans for covert thriftstore shenanigans to come fer sher.*

En Route (inspiration for a spontaneous project later in the weekend)

the Artist contemplating Deep Things.

To document the show, I used a generic disposable camera (the kind I used out of necessity in the beginning of the project) You can see more pictures of the pieces themselves Here. I left the pieces where they were on the shelf, to be bought like the paintings were, so if you’re in or around Muncie, check it out.

Also to come this week: the final instal from All The Pretty Trees! An ‘Adventure’! In progress painting pictures! Mary Todd Lincoln! Tales of Beauracracy! Thrilling updates about Real Life Things! Pictures of my cat and plants I haven’t killed yet! More excessive punctuation!?! You bet!!!

Nam June Paik?

*Why haven’t we found a way to make sleep optional yet?

Reminder- Upcoming Show @ Goodwill

In honor of the upcoming Goodwill Project show/performance,
(June, 17th, 7pm @ the Muncie Goodwill)
I give you another show/performance by an artist named Geronimo.

(my favorite is the girl who is having None Of It. Esp. at 0:27)

Also, this-

Who is this person? What compelled him/her to bring a camera into the bathroom? This. This is why the internet exists. (the comments are surprisingly enlightening as well)

The Goodwill Project / All The Pretty Trees – Upcoming Shows

The Goodwill Project / All The Pretty Trees – Upcoming Shows

be there!

So here’s the deal:

The show will officially start at 7, in the Muncie Goodwill (address above), in the shelves with all the knick-knack-ery.  Highly recommended to get there a bit before, though as I’m following a sagely sculptor/teacher/mentor/friend’s advice- “Ask for forgiveness instead of permission”and am not sure how long it’ll be before I’m asked to stop. While there probably won’t be refreshments (I feel food is a big part of openings, but I’m not sure if it’s allowed in the store.), the three pieces on display will be for sale* as well as free photos/postcards from the project to the first interested viewers.

For those of you new to the Project, you can read the whole story here.

And for those of you closer to Columbus, at the same time on the same day (June 17th @7pm) my work(above) will be up at It Looks Like It’s Open, in a show called “All the Pretty Trees” You can find out more about the show, and everyone else who’s in it Here.


*100% of the profits will go to Goodwill.Even if they don’t know it…

Finally had both time and funds to get a few rolls of film I took this summer developed. Most of it is from the Goodwill Project and will be put up later. The rest though are from my ongoing fascination with really cheap film and a fairly decent camera. And also my cat.

I’ve spared you the failed experiments, but a few that didn’t turn out too bad made it into the Image section, along with a finished (for now…?) drawing I previewed a few days back.

Soon to come;
-a much needed overhaul of the cluttered debris that is Image
-the first of many interviews with emerging People Who Do Neat Things.
-drawings featuring blood and guts and embroidery
-more swashbuckling tales of art and intrigue in the C-bus.

New work ahoy

paint. for real paint on paper. and a landscape? who are you?!

Day off! Huzzah! Painted and cleaned house, both literally and electronically- Finally added the last sculpture to the Goodwill Project, plus the third in the rust series. Also, started a series of paintings that’ve been in my brain since San Francisco (to your right a peek at an underpainting). Also also convinced myself that I can probably cut my own hair.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to drink wine out of a coffee mug and read a Star Wars novel in my underware. I love being an adult.

And the livin is easy.

That's right. Gradimicated biznatches.

Summer! Huzzah! Time for sun tea and bike rides and farmer’s markets and reading… and more consistent updates!*

Bonus- now that I’m free of The Man (read; higher education) for a bit, it’s also time to finish up some old projects and start some long awaited ones. Including:

~finally uploading some long overdue undergrad stuff

~The Goodwill Project. All three memorial sculptures are now finished (you can see two of them now here.), leaving just some typing/framing/display things to do with the documentation. This week I’m going to investigate a few ideas I have for a possible show.

~The Muncie Drawing Project: in which I spend the next month taking requests from Muncians, the month following drawing them all, and the month after that (the last before my lease is up) displaying them somewhere, as sort of a “peace out, thanks for the goodtimes” type of show. If you live in/have lived in Muncie and have a request you can either email it to:
mun.see_drawing_project [at] yahoo [dot] com
Or submit it here.

~AND, last but not least, I’ve signed up for my first mini-marathon (Indianapolis, 10/16) which is not only my first mini, but also my first time running as a St. Jude Hero. While not an art project, per se, St. Jude’s is definitely worth checking out. As if treating and researching cures for kids wasn’t cool enough, part of St. Jude’s mission is to provide care for all children who come there. (No family is ever turned away because of their ability to pay for medical treatment.) As a St. Jude Hero (their term, not mine), I’ve committed to raising $500. So, in between checking out some photos, submitting silly drawing ideas, if you could check out the above link, spare 5 minutes and 5 dollars you’d be doing a really really good thing.

And now, I believe it’s time for some Conan and a Fat Tire. hurrah summer indeed.

Finally got shots from my sr show cleaned up and uploaded. Things are wrapping up, but instead of getting easier to focus, my brain keeps flying off in a million and one directions. (see open letter below)

Almost done with (this installment) of the Goodwill Project. Finishing the third box this/next week and getting slides next week. I’ve had some new ideas about how I might display this in a gallery (or in a not-gallery).

Also, working on a supersecret drawing project to commemorate this last summer in Muncie to begin May 1st….

ps, Have you met my friend Eva Hesse?