Finally got shots from my sr show cleaned up and uploaded. Things are wrapping up, but instead of getting easier to focus, my brain keeps flying off in a million and one directions. (see open letter below)

Almost done with (this installment) of the Goodwill Project. Finishing the third box this/next week and getting slides next week. I’ve had some new ideas about how I might display this in a gallery (or in a not-gallery).

Also, working on a supersecret drawing project to commemorate this last summer in Muncie to begin May 1st….

ps, Have you met my friend Eva Hesse?

Here there be pictures. And stuff.

Finally put some undergrad work up! Also cleaned up the site itself (plain

is the new fancy)

Also getting pretty okay with soon being able to separate ‘undergrad’ from ‘current’ work

Also it smells like rain. There’s no reason you need to know this, but it’s still pretty grand.

an open letter.

Dear brain,

Up until now, we here at Cat Lynch have been very pleased with your performance. That being said, however, lately we’ve noticed a distinct lack of focus and blatant, blithe denial of  academic responsibilities.

I write this, not as a warning but as a reminder. The thesis show may be up, but there remain three weeks in this last semester (three weeks, I might add, for you to finish all those tasks which have been put off in favor of aforementioned show). I know it may seem that we have no leverage, as we cannot fire you, without causing sever distress to our organization, but we have ways of reducing your diet to Jane Austen and reality tv shows. And we mean it.

Thank you for your time


Senior Thesis Show (no, seriously.)

AND almost done with the pieces themselves. (which means over a month of lovely free studio space to play in). Install on the 11th, opening the 15th.

Mucho Gusto to my friend B for the postcard design (she also does freelance work if you’re interested).

Goodwil Project – Entry 7

Exciting news. Went to the Muncie Goodwill a few days ago and it appears that the final piece, which was also the only one to be found,  re-bought and snuck back in, has been sold. Huzzah! Bought some materials to make the third memorial piece, so now it’s just finishing up those, taking the rest of the photos on the disposable, and putting it all together.*

Of course, all this will happen AFTER my thesis show, probably. Just found out I’m going the first week, meaning I then have a good three weeks in which to use the studio space (woo!)

Also, Bookish (see previous entry) is up, open and lookin’ good. Check it out if you’re in the Muncie area.

(*show specifics and the ever-promised photos coming soon)
(*also found a $2 hair dryer to aid in some paper casting that, while not really relevant, is still exciting.)