Totally Text Tuesday Top or Bottom

Totally Text Tuesday Top or Bottom

This week’s hurried top or bottom is a sneak peak into my costume for Open Door’s Halloween show (Opening this weekend!!)

Barbara Kruger


Bethan Hews

Top or Bottom Tuesday: A Bodily Affair

Top or Bottom Tuesday: A Bodily Affair

This week’s Top or Bottom Tuesday is selfishly inspired by myself.

Been fighting off what is likely either strep throat, the plague or what my mom would call ‘throat based crud’ for the better part of two days (hence the lack of progress that was supposed to happen this weekend on documentation for the Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum). Thanks to lots of sleep, fluids, a healthy dose of Margaret Atwood and a few hits of apple cider vinegar I feel almost ready to join the land of the living.
(truth: I can soldier on through stuffy noses, long runs and big tattoos but even a minor sore throat will leave me a mewling, pathetic lump of despair.)

In between naps with the cats, been working on this:

half-asséd apologies for the photobooth quality.

for this. The deadline’s next week but if you just so happen to have some extra art with tits in it, it’s all going to a really good cause and you should definitely check it out.

But alas! Enough navelgazing and bellyaching, it’s time for this week’s contenders:

Clover Heart by Fay Helfer
image via.


Dissection #1 by Pole Ka

Tuesday Top or Bottom: Mark Dion vs. Mark Dion

Tuesday Top or Bottom: Mark Dion vs. Mark Dion

Today’s Tuesday might as well be called Reason vs. Cat’s Obsessive Fangrildom. Of all the artists I’ve admired but never met, Dion has had the greatest impact on my own work. I can still remember the first time his work was shown in my watercolor class- I was a junior at the time, feeling the icy breath of graduation on my neck and a rising panic that I, a Painter Who Paints, found myself hating what I was painting. Mark Dion’s work was, and continues to be, a smack to the forehead ‘duh.’-Based on premises that are usually simple, complicated, absurd and serious all at once, I nearly always walk away thinking ‘Damn. Why didn’t I think of that??’ He’s also my go-to example for how conceptual art can be thoughtfully executed with an attention to detail and craft, as well as aesthetically pleasing (shoddily-made conceptual art as well as the idea it perpetuates ((that conceptual artists are just lazy)) are high on my list of pet peeves. Along with loud bass in cars)

Before I get too caught up in soap-boxing or the Dion Personality Cult, let me present to you today’s top or bottom (both by Mark Dion)

The Department of Marine Animal Identification of the City of New York (Chinatown Division)

For The Department of Marine Animal Identification of the city of New York (Chinatown Division), Dion bought one of every fish he could in the Chinatown Fish market, then sorted, recorded and displayed them in the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery using his own methods of classification, rather than that accepted by SCIENCE. The real cherry on top, for me, is that he did all this sorting and preserving in the gallery itself in a sort of performance.


Neukom Vivarium (exterior)

Neukom Vivarium (interior)

Neukom Vivarium is a custom-designed, 80 foot long greenhouse structure housing a 60-ft long rotting hemlock log. The building features tools to help visitors explore the log including magnifying glasses and white tiles painted with specimens found in and on the log (functioning as a sort of text-less ‘field guide’)

In MD’s one words “One of the things that’s difficult about this piece is that it’s hard to locate where the work is. It’s not the tree, and it’s not the building, and it’s not the details like the tiles or the field guide. But it’s really the entire thing.” (from art21’s interview)


(then go and watch art21’s Ecology episode, featuring Dion along with Robert Adams, Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, and Ursula von Rydingsvar.)

((then go watch every other art21 episode))

(((then come over and have tea and we can talk about them all)))

Tuesday Top or Bottom – Audio Art…?

It’s back! After a brief hiatus, Tuesday Top or Bottom hath returned!

On a Wednesday.

…because no one’s perfect.

Like teachers easing ‘summer brains’ back into the rigors of academia, I thought it best to ease us all back into the world of debate with some UHmazing youtube finds.

first: PSY – a South Korean Rapper who’s catchy hit Gangnam Style will be in your head for days, and who is my new dance hero

Gangnam Style


And if you’re looking to get Gangnam style out of your head, I can think of nothing more effective than Hot Cheetos and Takis by the Y.N. RichKids as part of what could be the best after-school program I’ve ever heard.

Hot Cheetos and Takis

So which is it; Gangnam or Hot cheetos?


Teeth and Funerals; anxieties explored. (also a t.t.b. update)

Teeth and Funerals; anxieties explored. (also a t.t.b. update)

Remember that mysterious, shaky photobooth photo of a work in progress posted back in, what- June?


CLynch 2012

‘By the (cold)sweat of my teeth’ Cat Lynch, watercolor and thread, 2012

Finally finished after way too long dragging my feet.

Also, finished the first in what I hope to be a series of 25 funereal bouquets:

CLynch 2012

Cat Lynch, watercolor, 2012

I spend years of my life scoffing the work of ‘fruit and flower’ painters (a lá Janet Fish) only to find myself painting bouquets. I keep telling myself that I’m sacrificing- that it’s all for the sake of my dark idea, that it’s all really, very conceptual,that it just happens to be about flowers- but really they’re just flowers (so far). And I’m quite enjoying them.*

Speaking of making things, I’ve decided to go on a Tuesday Top or Bottom (ttb) hiatus, at least until the Outside/In opening is over.  I realize that it’s only a once a week obligation, I realize that it’s not really even an obligation (that anyone’s holding me to) and I realize it’s the height of vanity to assume that anyone other than me notices when it’s not there. It is, however, a Thing To Do By a Certain Time, of which I have more than enough and about which I may be panicking a bit.
Does this mean I’m not going to post at all until then? Doubtful. (The boyfriend and the cats can only listen to my ramblings for so long). In fact, knowing me, I’ll probably find two pieces of are that are perfect for each other and forget that I’ve decided to shelf ttb for a while and post anyway.
I just have a tendency to take on too many projects and Things and have learned to give myself permission not to Do them so that I may breathe at regular intervals. And if something’s gotta be put aside, I’d rather it be writing about art, instead of making art.


She said at the end of a wordy log.

*(What’s next- existential bowls of fruit?)