New Work – Self portrait for ‘Pieces of Me’ (open now!)

New Work – Self portrait for ‘Pieces of Me’ (open now!)
Clynch 2012

‘No Room in My Mind for Haterz’ Cat Lynch, watercolor, 2012.


This piece can be seen in Open Door’s gallery as part of the UH-mazing show ‘Pieces of Me’ The show features over 50 self-portraits from Open Door’s artists and staff. The show opened this past weekend (so that’s where you’ve been!) as part of our annual Open House and holy. cow. It was awesome. It is awesome. It’s up through most of December so you have plenty of time to stop by to check it out and I have plenty of time to rest/recover and find words to describe how well it went.

New Work – Stills from the BFRO

New Work – Stills from the BFRO
Clync 2012

‘Stills from the BFRO,’ Cat Lynch, watercolor, 2012

Still up for viewing (and for sale) at Open Door Art Studio‘s Are You Afraid of the Art, closing soon!

(and in case you’d like to know more about the BFRO, click here.)

Teeth and Funerals; anxieties explored. (also a t.t.b. update)

Teeth and Funerals; anxieties explored. (also a t.t.b. update)

Remember that mysterious, shaky photobooth photo of a work in progress posted back in, what- June?


CLynch 2012

‘By the (cold)sweat of my teeth’ Cat Lynch, watercolor and thread, 2012

Finally finished after way too long dragging my feet.

Also, finished the first in what I hope to be a series of 25 funereal bouquets:

CLynch 2012

Cat Lynch, watercolor, 2012

I spend years of my life scoffing the work of ‘fruit and flower’ painters (a lá Janet Fish) only to find myself painting bouquets. I keep telling myself that I’m sacrificing- that it’s all for the sake of my dark idea, that it’s all really, very conceptual,that it just happens to be about flowers- but really they’re just flowers (so far). And I’m quite enjoying them.*

Speaking of making things, I’ve decided to go on a Tuesday Top or Bottom (ttb) hiatus, at least until the Outside/In opening is over.  I realize that it’s only a once a week obligation, I realize that it’s not really even an obligation (that anyone’s holding me to) and I realize it’s the height of vanity to assume that anyone other than me notices when it’s not there. It is, however, a Thing To Do By a Certain Time, of which I have more than enough and about which I may be panicking a bit.
Does this mean I’m not going to post at all until then? Doubtful. (The boyfriend and the cats can only listen to my ramblings for so long). In fact, knowing me, I’ll probably find two pieces of are that are perfect for each other and forget that I’ve decided to shelf ttb for a while and post anyway.
I just have a tendency to take on too many projects and Things and have learned to give myself permission not to Do them so that I may breathe at regular intervals. And if something’s gotta be put aside, I’d rather it be writing about art, instead of making art.


She said at the end of a wordy log.

*(What’s next- existential bowls of fruit?)


New Work: Decomposition

New Work: Decomposition

A few pieces from the series Decomposition; all cells break down, exploring memory and entropy.

Cat Lynch 2012

‘Lamentation of the Late Bloomer’, Cat Lynch, watercolor and encaustic on found image, 2012

The fruits of last week’s encaustics session.
I’m getting to an age where childhood still feels fresh and vivid, but enough time has passed that the specifics have become blurred, the edges softened and stories blended. ‘Lamentations of a Late Bloomer” is part of a larger series attempting to catch hold of these specific feelings. Each found image is hidden under a layer of pattern, taken from a  quilt that is also starting to grow thin from time and use.

These three pieces will actually be UP FOR SALE FOR REAL U.S. CURRENCY at the Columbus Arts Festival, next weekend, June 1,2, and 3 . Just look for them with the rest of the CAW ladies in the Big Local Art Tent. (And while you’re there, don’t forget to stop by to say ‘hi’ to Wallace)

Cat Lynch 2012

‘Cross My Heart and Hope to Die,’ Cat Lynch, watercolor and encaustic on found image, 2012.

Cat Lynch 2012

‘Eenie, Meenie, Minie.’ Cat Lynch, watercolor and encaustic on found image, 2012

‘Best Friends Forever,’ Cat Lynch, watercolor and encaustic on found image, 2012


Also, I’ve been playing around with the appearance/layout of my blog. Feedback welcome!

Postcard Collective – Spring 2012


It’s done! It’s finally done! All* postcards have been finished, addressed, scanned, and sent! (And there was much rejoicing!)

Because I didn’t think to scan them before addressing them, and because I am the world’s. Slowest. Photoshop. User. It took about a thousand years (read: a week) to splice the fronts and backs together and erase the addresses. But it’s done!

Regular posting to resume again shortly.


Cat Lynch

Cat Lynch, Spring 2012 Postcard Collective, watercolor

*Almost all- When I first scanned the cards I had thirty files. An email, two computers, and some photoshop dickery later, I had twenty eight files…? Someday soon, after my eyes uncross I’ll hunt down and post the rest.