gazeth at thy navel…

gazeth at thy navel…

My internet communication (i.e. emails, facebook, this blog, etc) tends to settle into a pattern, which goes something like this:

1. I am able to read  and respond thoughtfully to all messages. I post regular articles and artwork  on a rigorous schedule. I feel like a functioning and efficient adult person.
2. I am able to read and, after a brief delay, respond in some way. I post more or less regularly in short, image filled bursts. I feel okay about this as I can rationalize that offline I am very busy.
3. I read all messages received and put off responding until I have time to write something thoughtful. I compose elaborate emails and blog posts while cleaning or running. I post nothing. I respond to no emails. I feel that I will get to it all and all will be okay.
4. I avoid all electronic communication. I have posted nothing and responded to nothing for longer than is socially acceptable. I feel that whatever I do next must be glorious enough to make up for my prolonged silence. I feel pure panic and avoidance.
5. See 4., x’s 10.

According to my (obsessively checked) stats, there are 87 of you who’ve been left hanging which means the pressure for the next post to be BRILLIANT is even heavier. To combat this, I have decided to make a post about nothing- a purely self-centered, fatuous BLAG, just to get it over with. If you’re here  to see anything other than vacation photos and navelgazing you are going to be disappointed with this post.
Regular art-programming will resume next time around.

In the meantime, hooray Canada!

How to flatten paper: Put it somewhere and tell your cat not to touch it.

How to flatten paper: Put it somewhere and tell your cat not to touch it.


Rest stop, pre-bathroom.


Same rest stop, post-bathroom. Thanks Midwest winter. And Obama.


So fancy!


The CN Tower


What does one do in Toronto?
Kensington Market!


Go to comic shops!


Visit the library!


Take slanty pictures of buildings!


Harass your boyfriend!


Hogwarts? Probably.


Outdoor ice skating, rainbow monies, AND Tim Horton’s sells steeped tea?
Everything about them is better than us.


In other news, my hair looked the same as it does everyday and for meals I ate food.



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